About Janat



Janat Dores, the founder of Janat Paris was a tea merchant who travelled from France all over the world to bring back coffee, tea and cocoa from Orient and the new worlds. His passion for unique tea flavours has always driven Janat creation process and commitment to excellence. His enthusiasm for capturing the heart of tea led him to develop with Gustave Eiffel, the world’s first oak barrel to offer exceptional tea aging and flavouring.

Janat pursues today its founder legacy and wishes to share with you its passion and savoir-faire.

Two Lucky Cat

Janat Dores loved his two cats. Although no one in his family knew in advance when Janat Dores would come home, his two cats “Sam” and “Beau” always sensed the coming presence of their master and waited for him at the door precisely on the day of his return. The two lucky charms embody Janat’s “entrepreneurship” spirit and “passion” of making dreams come true.

Today, the cats wait at the entrance of each Janat store bringing luck to anyone who touches them.

Authentic Parisian tea

In 1889, the famous symbol of Paris, the Eiffel Tower has been built for the Universal Exposition. This 320 meters high structure considered today as one of the wonders of the world marked the beginning of Janat Dores and Gustave Eiffel friendship. Janat has always been inspired by Eiffel’s visionary and ingenious ideas. Today, Janat’s family still own a part of the original Eiffel Tower spiral staircase. From this unique friendship, Janat French Oak tea was born. The goal was to find a different way to brew and appreciate tea with the strong smell of Oakwood and the perfume of vanilla following the traditional culture of the Provence.

Janat wants to share this French tradition and “art de vivre” across the borders.

World’s Best Tea

From the tea plantation to the cup, Janat Paris’ mission is to skillfully create the best tea for our customers following strong social responsibility principles and bringing solutions to the contemporary challenges of ecology in the tea industry.

As such, Janat always conducts strict quality control in order to deliver the highest quality products and include its partners and stakeholders in this process. Indeed, Janat establishes high standards for food safety and thoroughly manages the accuracy of quality labels and customer information.

This tradition of excellence and the work to develop state of the art teas have been rewarded with the World’s Best Tea Award at the International Tea expo in 2002.

  • Freshness and Handmade

    Janat tea is exclusively handpicked, every day when the leaves are the freshest and richest. As such, Janat only uses natural flavours from fresh fruits and fresh tea leaves to offer the best quality to our tea lovers.
    The fruit essences used in our teas are developed and crafted on site such as French Apple from Normandy and Sicilian bergamot essence used in Janat Earl Grey.

  • In terms of hygiene and safety

    Hygiene and food safety are number one priorities for Janat that have established strong safety and quality manufacturing processes. Janat works with Japanese machineries to obtain and guarantee clean and pure raw material. As excellence is in every detail, each step of the manufacturing is the key to craft the best tea for our customers.

Women Empowerment

Janat tea supports over 1,000 women in Sri Lanka who carefully handpick the freshest tea leaves every day. With a strong commitment to social responsibility and sustainability, Janat in collaboration with the foundation “Femmes du Monde” (Women of the world) developed initiatives to empower women from tea plantations to entrepreneurship projects. Janat wants to give women skills and capabilities to create new values. We truly believe the future of the next generation lies in our hands and we have to support women everywhere to build sustainable and better societies.

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Tea for Two

Janat also created the Tea for Two project, which consists in offering a free cup of tea for each tea box sold at Janat’s Tea for Two Caravan and stores. Janat Paris believes that tea time is an opportunity to relax and deepen love and trust with surrounding people. Women are the foundation of our society and they need some time to give their best to family and society.