Janat Paris and Grand Hyatt Tokyo’s “Lucky Cat & Strawberry Afternoon Tea Buffet”

Encouraging guests to bond over tea, Grand Hyatt Tokyo’s “Lucky Cat & Strawberry Afternoon Tea Buffet,” in collaboration with JANAT Paris took place from December 26th, 2023, to February 29th, 2024. Attendees savored cat-themed delicacies like quiche with paw prints and savory beef stew sandwiches, accompanied by JANAT’s exquisite tea-infused treats.

This occasion beautifully embodied the spirit of kindness and empathy that JANAT Paris aims to nurture through their tea.

Beyond the culinary delights, guests received special gifts such as JANAT’s adorable lucky cat plushies “Sam & Beau”, shaped after the founder’s original pets, and eco-bags. These gifts carry with them understanding, inspiring everyone to be kind to one another. French Kitchen curated this unique afternoon, blending flavors and whimsical motifs to connect and celebrate luck and indulgence.