Sustainable Tea Collaboration: JANAT Paris and L’OSIER

In Tokyo’s esteemed L’OSIER, restaurant operated by Shiseido Parlour, the aroma of a unique new tea graces the air – one steeped in rich traditions and inspiring narratives from across the globe. The “L’OSIER Original Tea” marks a milestone collaboration between the iconic Janat Paris and L’OSIER’s commitment to sustainable gastronomy.

Janat Paris’ tale begins in 1872 when merchant Janat Dores founded the adventurous brand, traveling the world to bring the finest teas and cocoas to France. This spirit of exploration lives on, linked to its higher purpose of infusing human kindness.

At the core of the L’OSIER tea lies this ethos – empowering Sri Lankan women in the legendary tea industry. In harmony, chef Olivier Chaignon partnered with “Femmes du Monde” to thoughtfully craft a blend supporting these women’s healthcare, education and working environments.

The tea itself is a voyage of ethically sourced traditions. Ceylon black tea from Sri Lanka mingles with Bhutanese turmeric and notes of apple/rose from Versailles’ gardens. As L’OSIER itself earned Tokyo’s first Michelin Green Star for sustainable practices, this union represents an inspired confluence.

With each cup, an uplifting intention resonates – to spread kindness, companionship and sow seeds for a kinder, more sustainable world.