Janat French Oak Tea Barrel Presentation at Grosvenor House Dubai with Mayumi Satoi

Janat Paris recently made a grand appearance at the Grosvenor House Hotel in Dubai. The hotel featured Janat’s French Oak Tea barrel as a main feature on their tea island, an iconic piece highlighting the brand’s dedication to traditional aging methods. During the meeting there were a variety of flavors, including the rich and aromatic Earl Grey, the Original Oak 

Tea, and a delightful forest fruits flavor, each brewed to perfection.

Adding to the event’s prestige was the presence of Mayumi Satoi, a renowned food journalist and communicator. Known for her expertise in hotel, department store, and gourmet selections, Mayumi brought a wealth of knowledge to the event. Attendees were enchanted by her insights into the intricate processes that go into creating each unique tea blend.

The collaboration between Janat Paris and Grosvenor House Hotel in Dubai proved to be a memorable celebration of fine tea and culture. The event highlighted the brand’s commitment to quality and tradition. Each detail was a testament to Janat Paris’ legacy and its continuous quest for excellence in the world of tea.