Classic Cars and Heritage Teas: JANAT Paris at Coppa di Tokyo

At Coppa di Tokyo, the annual classic car event, JANAT Paris Tea Stand provided a nostalgic retreat with its rich tea blends. Dating back to 1872, JANAT’s heritage resonated with the timeless appeal of classic cars. Amidst the revving engines and polished exteriors, rich flavors including Earl Grey, Darjeeling, and Ceylon offered comforting warmth in the brisk atmosphere.

By inviting attendees to a comforting hot cup of tea in the chilling weather, the brand encouraged conversations and bonding over shared passions. The presence at Coppa di Tokyo celebrated not only the allure of classic cars but also the timeless appeal of a well-crafted tea. From the aromatic notes of bergamot to the rich history of the tea blends, JANAT Paris Tea Stand offered a memorable experience steeped in tradition, sophistication, and heartfelt connections.