Janat Paris Celebrates 150 Years at DUBAI EXPO 2020 with Iconic Eiffel Tower Stand


JANAT Paris  celebrated its 150th anniversary at DUBAI EXPO 2020, spreading kindness through tea.
With its iconic tea stand, JANAT Paris attracted a multitude of local and international attendees, all eager to experience the rich history and flavors of its teas. A highlight of the event was the showcase of an original Eiffel Tower staircase, a piece that remained part of the tower until 1983, symbolizing JANAT’s deep roots and longstanding connection to Paris.

JANAT Paris’s participation in the expo was not only a celebration of its legacy but also a testament to its commitment to bringing people together through tea. The brand’s mission is to foster empathy, spark conversations, and encourage mindfulness by sharing tea.

We are delighted to have shared this experience with so many people at the event, inspiring everyone to embrace a more connected and mindful way of living while having a flavourful cup of tea.